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2008/11/08 02:01:31 (permalink)

B-24 and B-17 bomb load

Can anybody tell me, how many 100 lb bomb (incendiary, fragmentaion) a B-24 was able to carry? But a B-17?
Many thanks in advance for answer.

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    Re:B-24 and B-17 bomb load 2008/11/08 17:53:08 (permalink)
    Can anybody tell me, how many 100 lb bomb (incendiary, fragmentaion) a B-24 was able to carry?

    Dan,  Here is a brief overview with an answer to your specific question in bold print concerning the B-24 Liberator.
    The number of demolition bombs to be carried in a B-24 is interchangeable depending upon the mission itself and the fuel load.  The basic, maximum capacity breakdown is:  two 4,000 lb; four 2,000 lb; eight 500 lb; twelve 300 lb;  and twenty 100 lb.  The maximum load to be carried by the A/C should not exceed 8,600 lbs.
    If you get a chance, you might want to visit the thread:  B-24 vs. B-17 in this same "heavy and very heavy bombers" sub-forum.  A lot of interesting informational comparisons between the two A/C's.   

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    Re:B-24 and B-17 bomb load 2008/11/08 18:30:10 (permalink)
    Dan...I am NOT trying to bring out the difference between the B-17 and B-24, but, the Pilot's Opeating Instructions for the B-17G shows 24 100 lb bombs...this was for several different 100 lb bombs...all the table shows, is the rack stations for a total of 24.

    Jim :-)

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    Re:B-24 and B-17 bomb load 2008/11/08 23:51:04 (permalink)
    B-24D bomb load
    20 x 100lb
    12 x 300, 500 or 600lb
    8 x 1000,  or 1100lb
    4 x 2000lb
    B-24J bomb load
    2 × 4,000 lb bombs internal
    4 × 2,000 lb bombs internal
    8 × 1,000 lb bombs internal
    16 × 500 lb bombs internal.
    Up to 2 × 4,000 lb of bombs carried under the wings
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    Re:B-24 and B-17 bomb load 2008/11/15 14:32:28 (permalink)
    A B-24 was able to carry also 52 X 100 lb G.P.

    See the attacched picture: the asterisks indicate the smoke bombs loaded.


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