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B-17 Crash in England

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2004/06/07 08:18:45 (permalink)

B-17 Crash in England

I'm David Ramacitti. My uncle was Lt.Armand Ramacitti who was one of the pilots involved in the crash in England.The other pilot was Lt Lloyd Burns. I believe there are a few members that are looking for information about this event. I will do what I can to help. I am looking for some information as well.
Thank you and looking forward to sharing.

David Ramacitti

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Re: [ramacitti] B-17 Crash in England 2004/06/07 08:47:46 (permalink)
The following two crews from the 379th Bomb Group were involved in the June 19, 1944 mid-air collision returning from a mission to Zudausques, France:

Aircraft 44-5133 - 525th Sq.

Burns Lloyd L. - Pilot
Kaufman Fred S. - Co-Pilot
Sadler, Edward N. - Navigator
Gray, Jack L. - Bombardier
Monk, Leroy J. - Radio Operator/Gunner
Gibbs, Leonard F. - Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Farmer, William H. - Ball Turret Gunner
Andrews, Richard W. - Waist Gunner
Schulte, Louis W. - Tail Gunner

Aircraft 44-6133 - 525th Sq. collided over Gravesend Thames Estuary and crashed into the water

Ramacitti, Armand J. - Pilot
Hagar, William J. - Co-Pilot
Watson, Donald F. - Navigator
Chronopolos, Theodore - Bombardier
Ritter, Richard - Radio Operator/Gunner
Tognazzini, Cecil A. - Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Burke, John P. - Ball Turret Gunner
Hayes, Paul K. - Waist Gunner
Oaks, Warren G. - Tail Gunner

There is an article in the 379th WWII Bombardment Group Anthology about this collision. This article was compiled through the cooperation of Lloyd L. Burns Pilot of aircraft 42-97942. Additional information about these and other crews of the 379th BG WWII can be obtained from the 379th Bombardment Group Anthology, Shades of Kimbolton and other publications, which can be ordered through the 379th WWII Bomb Group Association PX.

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RE: B-17 Crash in England 2005/04/15 10:48:03 (permalink)
David: My name is Wilmar Tognazzini. My brother, Cecil was in the B17 that crashed over the Thames Estuary during World War II. His body was never recovered but he is commemorated on the Wall of the Missing in Cambridge, England (The American Cemetery), as well as in the book on the Queen's altar in the cathedral in London. I have received a great amount of information about that crash, the crew, etc., as well as some photos. I am not familiar with this Army Airforces site but know that there are others looking for information on that accident. Your Uncle was on the same B17. There is only one survivor with whom I talked at great length a few months ago. I have not heard from him recently and it worries me that he may have passed away. The way I received the information about the accident is interesting, but I don't want to go into that until I am sure that you are getting this message - more importantly, how to use this site. Help me with that and I will certainly tell you all I know. For years, ever since my brother was lost, I had no information. Then, in a short time I received more information than I can absorb from an English citizen who has even come to the United States to research the accident and, if I remember correctly, interviewed Christopolos (I may have the spelling of the name incorrect). Christopolos has changed his name. He is the one I am not sure is still living. Please contact me, help me use this site, ask questions or whatever. I am 87 years old but still very active and still possessed with excellent mental capabilities. Who would say differently? I am an educator but have been retired since 1977 from that profession. I worked at Hearst Castle after my retirement as a guide supervisor and live in Morro Bay, California. I would be pleased to hear from you.
Wilmar N. Tognazzini
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RE: B-17 Crash in England 2005/04/15 11:52:27 (permalink)
Hi Mr. Tognazzini,

Welcome to the forum and for the input you may provide. As a suggestion, since it has been quite some time since the original post was made, you might want to contact the poster either by personal message or email. Click on his name and you will see how to do that. He may not be monitoring the forum regularly due to the length of time since he posted with little response.

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